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Favourite Saying


5 Random Facts About Me

  • 1. I never unpack my suitcase! It's still packed up 2 months after we filmed 'Notorious' in L.A.!
  • 2. Every time Celena puts lipstick on me, I yawn!
  • 3. I say I don’t like certain foods before I’ve even tried them
  • 4. I often get the train home from work because I hate sitting in traffic
  • 5. When I worked in a shop, I used to pretend I was tidying the stock cupboard but was really having a break!

Top 5

TV Shows

  • 1. One Tree Hill
  • 2. Grey’s Anatomy
  • 3. Gossip Girl
  • 4. Brothers & Sisters
  • 5. Sex And The City

My Band Mates

  • Ness

    Reminds me not to be boring and have fun!

  • Una

    Makes me laugh even when she’s not trying to be funny

  • Molls

    Knows when something’s up, thinks the same way as me

  • Roch

    Knows me so well; we’ve experienced a lot together


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