The Girls



Favourite Saying

"Check this bad boy out!"

5 Random Facts About Me

  • 1. I love jetskiing, waterskiing and any sports where I can be on the water
  • 2. I hate small things – for example Jelly Tots and skittles
  • 3. If ever I'm feeling down, I put on an episode of Gossip Girl and it instantly cheers me up
  • 4. Carrie Bradshaw is my idol
  • 5. My favourite thing to do on a weekend is go out for breakfast

Top 5


  • 1. Britney Spears
  • 2. Adele
  • 3. John Mayer
  • 4. Katy Perry
  • 5. Rihanna

My Band Mates

  • Frankie

    Knows me inside out. When I walk into a room, she can tell how I’m feeling without saying a word.

  • Una

    We often have the exact same thought, at the exact same time, without even realising!

  • Vanessa

    Whenever I’m up for a party, Vanessa’s my girl!

  • Rochelle

    When I’m away, if I feel homesick, Rochelle is always amazing at looking after me


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Not Giving Up

Not Giving Up

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All Fired Up! Live Tour 2012

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