The Girls



Favourite Saying

"You know what I mean like!"

5 Random Facts About Me

  • 1. When I was 4 I jumped into the pool without my arm bands on and began drowning. I was pulled out of the water by a lifeguard... Ironically I went to to become All-Ireland Champion at 9 and worked as a lifeguard in my late teens!
  • 2. Before being in The Saturdays, I tried many different careers including: waitressing, bar-work, medical secretary, banking, primary teaching, nursing, life-guard, modeling, pharmacy assistant, swimming coach…. to name but a few!
  • 3. My full name is "Una Threasa Imogene Healy" I chose "Imogene" as my Confirmation name.
  • 4. In school I used to get in trouble a lot for being giddy and talking too much.
  • 5. For my first school stage appearance I was called "Little miss mouse" and I lived in a bin!

Top 5

Saturdays’ Memories

  • 1. Auditioning for the band
  • 2. Flying to Norway to record for the 1st time for our 1st Album
  • 3. Performing both our headline tours
  • 4. Shooting 'Higher' in LA
  • 5. Hearing our songs on the radio

My Band Mates

  • Frankie

    Our tactile flirtatious Saturday. She goes through phases of really loving things, then moves onto something else!

  • Mollie

    Our innocent Saturday. She is a good girl, but tries her best to do an impression of a bad girl and takes the mickey out of herself all the time!

  • Rochelle

    Our super chatty Saturday! She loves the really nice things in life and hates anything stinky due to her extra strong sense of smell!

  • Vanessa

    Our little baby Saturday. She seems very quiet when you first meet her, but once you crack that little shell of hers, she explodes with the loudest laugh you've every heard! She is my naughty partner in crime - we love a party!


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