• mikedoc90 08/10/2010

    When will this be available to pre-order? Are you going to do new album artwork and things or just stick the new tracks on the current tracklist?

  • jordanwho 08/10/2010

    aaahh i cant wait:D xx

  • misssaturday101 09/10/2010

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh going to be good x

  • Sunita 09/10/2010

    defantly gonna get this!<333

  • ForeverIsOver 10/10/2010

    il be getting this!

  • GeorgiaVisentin 11/10/2010

    gonna have to pleed my dad to let me get this already downloaded Headlines! Gonna ask it for X mas xx

  • Amy 14/10/2010

    getting it 4 x mas

  • schmexy-lee 20/10/2010

    Yas shud put some of your b-sides onto the expanded version of Headlines instead of tracks all fans have already heard, if you have new fans they will most likely look through your old catalogue and buy wordshaker. it would be great for some fans tht buy their music through the internet and do not get to hear the B-Sides :D aside from tht i think you guys rock!! luvin higher :D still love the old stuff too tho Fall is your best :D x x