• vikki_97 06/04/2011

    ooooo i wanna go. but mamma probs won't drive from birmingham to south wales
    :( xxxx

  • OneShot 06/04/2011

    YAY! I hope i can go to this! would love to see the girls again and of course Frankie haha :')

  • Wazzy232 09/04/2011

    I live too far away! :(

  • mollierocks123 09/04/2011

    I live to far away:(:(

  • Desmond_D19 09/04/2011

    I live too far away,please,please,please,please,please,please,please come to Warrington,it'll mean so much

  • renanmborges 11/04/2011

    I live too far away! :( :( :(

    Shoul u girls come to Brazil? :P

  • Carys J 13/04/2011

    lol my house is not that far away booked tickets anf going CANTT WAITTT XD i wanna know who the other acts aree! <3

  • RPatel412 18/04/2011

    I wanna come!!!! How much are the tickets???