• Laura1048 24/09/2010

    Will you be coming to manchester to sign your book ? PLEASE DO!!

  • saturdayfever 24/09/2010

    Please come to crawley haha , im gonna buy the book :D

  • sarahlovessaturdays12 24/09/2010

    Im soo gooing to buy that book! YESS come to Manchester!! Pleaseeee!<3 <3 <3 <3

  • FrollieLove 24/09/2010

    Exciteed about the book!! COME TO MANCHESTER Pleeasseeeeee xD. <3
    I missed the headlines signing cos i was on holiday so i was hoping you wur guna do a book signing xxxx

  • Emmeey 24/09/2010

    Won't be able to come :( come to Bristol!!

  • handizzy 25/09/2010

    Yaaay... can't wait. I'm coming :) xxx

  • SaturdayGirl 25/09/2010

    Can't come.. Come to Dubai :P xx

  • Sparkles123 25/09/2010

    OMG! I'm So Excited Can't wait. Im soo going x :)

  • Sparkles123 25/09/2010

    Im gonna get there sooooo early lool queues are gonna be long

  • lou_lou100 01/10/2010

    what time are you gonna get there :)

  • mimi 01/10/2010

    I love the saturdays, im sooooooo gonna be there :-)

  • Sarah1990 02/10/2010

    OMG i really wanna go, i got work, so hopefully i can get it off!! plus i ordered my book already from amazon and it wont arrive till then.... not good!! best go buy it instead!! Team sats all the way x x

  • z.davies 02/10/2010

    thats sucks i have to see some show that day otherwise i would have gone :(

  • Sparkles123 02/10/2010

    I dont understand on the news section it says there doing the signing on the 16th and then in the video rochelle says its on the 18th ???? which date is it denn

  • lou_lou100 03/10/2010

    its on the 16th that's what it says on wh smith website plus what time are you gonna get there x