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The Saturdays to release debut EP in the U.S. and Canada

The Saturdays to release debut EP in the U.S. and Canada

Team Sats North America!

We’re so overwhelmed by all the love and support we’ve received from you so far that we thought we’d give you a special North American treat!

Come January 27th 2013, we’ll release ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ a special US/Canada EP made up of our first American single ‘What About Us’ and four other Sats classics!

Team UK! Why not help out Team Sats North America and suggest on Twitter using #ChasingTheSaturdays which four Sats classics should feature on this EP alongside our new single!


  • Adrian Reyes

    Adrian Reyes 10/01/2013

    Hard to pick just four songs, but I would choose Up, Forever is Over, All Fired Up, and maybe Higher.

    But then again, any of The Sats' singles would be a treat for those new listeners.

  • Firefly13 10/01/2013

    Only four?!?! crikey this is a challenge!
    I would suggest Notorious, Keep Her, Higher, and All Fired Up. Although I love Ladykiller a bunch, too.
    I can hardly wait to buy the EP. So glad to finally have access to your music!

  • Firefly13 10/01/2013

    Oh, one teeny tiny suggestion to consider. I would love to hear an acoustic version of ANY of your songs so that your voices are showcased!!

  • Alexx303 10/01/2013

    You just have to get Flo-Rida on this. So the first one : Higher
    Second : All Fired Up
    Third : Just can't get enough
    Fourth : Forever is over.

    That would be a good EP :)

  • Vannesa-TeamSats 10/01/2013

    OMG This is 5 but oh well :P
    Last Call
    Vulnerable (PLEAESE no one ever talks about this song its amazeballs)
    Why me why now!!!

  • Louiiise 10/01/2013

    One Shot

  • LovesTheSats1 10/01/2013

    That's hard but I would pick : Higher, Notorious, All Fired Up and Missing You :) What About Us is an excellent song too cant wait for release in Ireland & UK!

  • ElectricPirate

    ElectricPirate 10/01/2013

    Just 4 is hard to pick. I say #Notorious, #HadItWithToday, #MissingYou (instead of #WhiteLies) and #MoveOnU because #MoveOnU is dancetastic!

  • Pedro Amador Martinez

    Pedro Amador Martinez 10/01/2013

    Higher, All Fired Up, Ego, Promise Me

  • MegaAdz92

    MegaAdz92 10/01/2013

    You need to pick your four BEST singles, anyone with a brain would realise that those are Up, Ego, Higher and All Fired Up.

  • MegaAdz92

    MegaAdz92 10/01/2013

    Do people on here WANT them to fail!? You need to show them classic Sats material, and that would be the four tracks I posted about previously.
    Songs like Vulnerable and Last Call are amazing but they wont get you noticed.

  • Dynamite17 10/01/2013

    I would say Higher, Notorious, Missing You, and Issues, to give a sort of balance and show both the soft side and the notorious side, pun intended.

  • souadyxx 10/01/2013

    Love all of the songs so I don't mind any x

  • Israel Mendoza

    Israel Mendoza 10/01/2013

    2.) All Fired Up
    3.) Missing You
    4.) Higher
    5.) Notorious

    (Bonous tracks for a deluxe edition)
    6.) a new sat song from the audio
    7.) The Way You Watch Me
    8.) Work

  • Joe Massar

    Joe Massar 10/01/2013

    I would really like 30 Days to be included, since I have all the rest!

  • frankiesats 10/01/2013

    All Fired Up
    30 days

  • PopStarSemhar

    PopStarSemhar 10/01/2013

    All Fired Up
    Forever Is Over
    or Missing You

  • Alkaz 11/01/2013

    Forever is Over
    Just Can't Get Enough

  • Gustavo Herrera Castro

    Gustavo Herrera Castro 11/01/2013

    Missing you

  • Juan Alarcon Rodriguez

    Juan Alarcon Rodriguez 11/01/2013

    30 DAYS