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Twelve Sats of Xmas

Twelve Sats of Xmas

Attention all creative Team Sats!

Leading up to x-mas we thought we’d give all our artistic and talented fans the opportunity to design twelve special Saturdays related x-mas cards.

We know that tradition has the twelve days of x-mas beginning on Dec 25th but us girls thought we’d break the rules a lil and start the fun this Thursday Dec 13th, twelve days before x-mas.

So on our first day of #TwelveSatsOfXmas we want you Team Sats to design a festive card for Frankie using Webdoc.

Have fun! Get creative! We can’t wait to see your x-mas card!

And stay tuned for Friday’s #TwelveSatsOfXmas announcement.


  • LovesTheSats1 12/12/2012

    Im hopeless at drawing but I'll deffo give it a go!!! Twelve Sats of Christmas!!!!!!

  • AlterEgo 12/12/2012

    I so wanna do this but can't cos I don't have photoshop on this laptop. :( gutted